Join the Great St Bartholomew 100 Club

Support our ancient buildings and be eligible to win prizes of up £250!

A 100 Club is a bit of fun which raises valuable money for the church and at the same time give you the chance of a return on your donations.

100 people paying £10 a month will provide Great St Bartholomew with an annual income of £12,000, £10,000 of which will go directly into the Fabric Fund and be used for vital restoration and maintenance.

£2,000 will be entered into a prize draw and distributed at random to the members of the 100 Club in denominations of £250, £100, £75, £30 and £25. The draws will take place in January, April, August and December.

Having this predictable income will enable the Parochial Church Council (PCC) to plan ahead and meet the endless demands for improvement of the church. These are never ending for such ancient and historic buildings.

To become a valued donor and member of the St Bartholomew the Great 100 Club simply download a standing order mandate form here and return it to the Parish Office.

Thank you for your support in preserving St Bartholomew the Great, ensuring that in continues to be a place of solace and inspiration for future generations.

St Bartholomew the Great is a Registered Charity. No. 1163024