Our usual pattern of services is shown below. Click here to go to the Church Diary for more details about our services.

0900 Holy Eucharist in the Lady Chapel of the Great
A said Low Mass with Celebrant and Server. There is a homily, and no music.

1000 Family Eucharist in St Bartholomew the Less
Held on most Sundays of the year, this service is especially suitable for families with children. There is a short address, and hymns are sung. The entrance to The Less is just inside the main gate of the hospital opposite Smithfield Market.

1100 Solemn Eucharist at the High Altar of St Bartholomew the Great
Solemn High Mass with full choral liturgy provided by our choir. There is a sermon and hymns for the congregation to sing, as well as Latin Propers (Introit, Alleluia or Tract & Communio), one of the great settings of the Ordinary of the Mass, and an Offertory Motet from the choir.

1830 Choral Evensong in St Bartholomew the Great
As found in the Book of Common Prayer (1662) with readings from the Authorised Version of the Bible (1611). The congregation sings the hymns. The choir sings the appointed Psalm(s), one of the great choral settings of the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis, an anthem, as well a final Marian antiphon. A sermon is preached. Roughly once a month, Evensong ends with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.


1230 Holy Eucharist in St Bartholomew the Less
A Low Mass, celebrated usually by the Hospitaller (the priest on our staff attached principally to The Less)

1230 Roman Catholic Mass in St Bartholomew the Less
A Roman Catholic Low Mass, celebrated usually by the Roman Catholic Chaplain on the Hospital Staff