Organists & Directors of Music of St Bartholomew the Great

Mr. Adrian van Helsding(1715–1721)
Mr. Isaac Orbell(1721–1731)
Mr. Rowland Evans(1731–1739/40)
Mr. Richard Ward(1740–1777)
Mr. Nicholas Steele(1777–1785)
Mr. Thomas Ball(1785–1793)Discharged for non-attendance
Mr. John Whitaker(1793–1805)Dismissed for inefficiency
Mr. William Bradley(1805–1819)
Mr. John Munro(1819–1827)
Miss Wafforne(1827–1834)
Miss Elizabeth Ellen Wafforne(1836–1849)Miss Wafforne became Mrs. Williams between March 1842
and March 1843
Miss Mary Ann Williams(1849–?)
Position abolished in 1867 until church re-opened
C.W. Pearce notes:
'From about that time to 1885 the post of organist was usually combined with that of parish schoolmaster'.
Mr. W.C. Ling1885–1888)
Mr. W.A.B. Russell, Mus. B (London)(1889–1893)
Mr. Clifford Parker(1893–1911)
Mr. Wilson(1913/4–1918/9)
Mr. Stanton Jefferies(1919–1921)His Assistant at some time was Mr. (later Sir) William McKie, who became organist at Westminster Abbey
Mr. Anderson Shaw(1921–1934)
Mr. Nicholas Choveaux(1934–1939, 1946–1949)
Dr. Paul Steinitz (1949–1961) His Assistant for a short time in 1960–1961 was Mr. Richard Seal, later organist of Salisbury Cathedral
Mr. Brian Brockless (1961–1969)
Mr. Andrew Morris (1969–1978)
Mr. Brian Brockless (1979–1995) Simon Niemiński, now organist of St. Mary's Metropolitan (RC) Cathedral and Director of Music at the Robin Chapel – both in Edinburgh – was Assistant Director of Music from mid-1995 until Dec 1995, when Brian Brockless died the night he retired from the post
Mr. Simon Niemiński Acting Director of Music December 1995 – January 1996
Mr. David Trendell
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(1996–2008) Assistant Director of Music: Simon Niemiński, January 1996–October 1998. Assistant Organists thereafter included Paul Brough, Robert Quinney, Robert Sholl, and James Sherlock 2008–2009
The creation of the separate post of Organist at Easter 2009 meant that for the next six years
the Priory Church had a Director of Music and the separate post of Organist
Director of MusicOrganist
Mr. Nigel Short
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(April 2009 – May 2015) Mr James Sherlock (2009–2012) was appointed to the new title of Organist upon Mr. Short's appointment, and was succeeded by Dr. Jeffrey Smith (2012–2014)
Following a short interregnum, Mr Ben Giddens became Organist on 1st September 2014.
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At Midnight on 31st May 2015, the Parishes of St Bartholomew the Great and St Bartholomew the Less
were dissolved and replaced on 1st June 2015 by the Parish of Great St Bartholomew, incorporating both former Parishes
At the same time, the post of Organist & Director of Music was established as a single post in the new Parish
Organist & Director of MusicSub-Organist
Mr. Rupert Gough
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(June 2015 – Present) (The post of Sub-Organist was vacant June – Dec 2015)
(Jan 2016 – May 2017) Mr. Ben Horden
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(Oct 2017 – Aug 2018) Mr. Jonathan Eyre
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