The Columbarium

Memorial Niche System

Soon it will be possible for you and your loved ones to be laid to rest together in the grounds of London’s oldest Church in the heart of the City.

Plans for the provision of a columbarium, or memorial niche for the interment of ashes, are advanced, although we need to get to a particular level of interest before we can formally start the process of building. In the meantime, those among the departed who wished during their lifetimes to be interred in the Columbarium have their ashes stored within the church pending the completion of this project.

The Columbarium

The niche system, designed by Welters, will include decorative coloured stone plinths, headers and buttresses and is designed to be thoroughly compatible with the architecture of the church. It will comprise 196 niche chambers with an option for two interments in each niche.

It will be possible to lease the niche for a period of 10 years or 20 years with an additional charge for a second interment.


The Columbarium will be located in the Churchyard by the South Vestry and will be accessible through the Lady Chapel.

The Columbarium will be located in the Churchyard by the South Vestry

The pricing structure will be as follows:

10 years: £1,500
20 years: £2,750

In order to register interest at this stage:

Pay £200 now (refundable on the unlikely event of the project not going ahead) and a further £300 on initiation of the project. You can then choose from the following two options:

These prices do not include the cost of inscription and interment, and are subject to inflation.

How the niche system works:

An exploded view of a niche and the casket within it

The ashes will be placed in a casket which, in turn, will be inserted into the niche. There will be an option for a service at the time of interment, giving friends and family the opportunity to be present.

An inscribed tablet will seal the niche chamber. The tablet will be provided by Welters and they will liaise directly with the client regarding wording and layout.

Examples of niche tablets:

Two examples of niche tablets

To register your interest please download a form and return by post to the Parish Office or email to the parish office ( by clicking this link.

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