Associated Livery Companies of the Church

The Butchers' Company

The Worshipful Company of Butchers, one of the seven oldest of the City of London Livery Companies, continues to be a highly active Company both within the City of London and the meat industry. Providing first-class facilities and hospitality services to worldwide clients, Butchers' Hall is suitably located in the historic Smithfield Area, where the Butchers have been a significant presence for more than a thousand years. Strypes' edition of Stow's Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster records "that in the year 975 A.D., in the Ward of Farringdon, without the city walls, there are situated divers slaughter-houses and a Butchers' Hall where the craftsmen meet." The Company is proud to have been associated with the Priory Church of St Bartholomew The Great for many years.

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The Founders' Company

Founders' Hall, home to The Worshipful Company of Founders is situated just to the east of the church. The Company is one of the oldest Livery Companies of the City of London, and can trace its existence back to 1365. The craft of Founders of London was one of the earliest medieval guilds formed to protect the interests of its members and to promote high standards of quality and workmanship in articles of bronze and brass. Today, more than 600 years later, the Founders' Company continues to support the work of those working in related disciplines and in industry, and maintains its presence in the City of London through its Hall in Cloth Fair. From 1508 to 1987 their parish church was St. Margaret Lothbury. Before that time, the Founders were associated with the church of St. Lawrence Jewry, and indeed there is evidence to suggest that the medieval guild grew out of a parish fraternity known as the Brotherhood of St. Clement, based on the church of St. Lawrence Jewry, which served the spiritual and material needs of its members. Since 1987 and the move of the Company's Hall to Cloth Fair, the Founders have been associated with St. Bartholomew the Great, and the Company's annual Election Day Service is held there.

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The Fletchers' Company

Though fletching, the adding of flights to arrows and the making of arrows themselves, are no longer crafts controlled by a Guild, the Worshipful Company of Fletchers continues to be active in the life of the city. The Fletchers were first mentioned in 1371 when they presented a petition to the Lord Mayor, requesting that the two trades of Fletcher (the maker of arrows) and Bowyer (the maker of longbows) should be kept entirely separate. By the time of Henry VIII, the Fletchers had a hall in St Mary Axe and various rolls show the elections to office. In the 16th century, widows were admitted as members on the death of their husbands and even single women were sometimes admitted, a practice which continued into the 18th century, despite the Company informing the 1887 Commission that "No women have hitherto been admitted". The rise of the gun caused the eventual extinction of the longbow as a weapon of war and archery is now confined to the sports field. The present-day Company shares one of the newest livery company halls in the City of London with the Farmers' Company. The Hall is situated in Cloth Street, very near to St Bartholomew the Great.

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The Information Technologists' Company

The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists was granted Livery in January 1992 as the 100th Livery Company of the City of London. WCIT has as its mission "To become an influential force for the beneficial use of Information Technology in the City," and recognises the benefits to the Company from the centuries-old values and traditions of the Livery movement in the City of London. The Company's objectives - supporting the IT industry, education, charity and good fellowship - are delivered through a number of working groups, known as Panels. The membership of the Panels is made up of Liverymen and Freemen who give their time, expertise and resources. WCIT works with a range of partner organisations to develop innovative IT-based projects with a charitable or educational focus. The Information Technologists' Hall in Bartholomew Close opened officially in September 2001 and is a focal point for the Company's activities.

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The Haberdashers' Company

The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, number 8 in the order of seniority of the Livery Companies of the City of London, had temporary offices in Bartholomew Close during the building of their new hall in West Smithfield, which has since opened. It was subsequently agreed that St Bartholomew the Great should be one of the two churches with which the company is associated. The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers has its origins in medieval times. Throughout six and a half centuries it has moved away from its historical involvement in the trade of haberdashery and developed into a significant supporter of schools and education in England and Wales. The Company has its roots in a fraternity, a group of people who lived in the same area doing the same sort of work in medieval times and who worshipped at St. Paul's Cathedral. Members were haberdashers by trade. They sold ribbons, beads, purses, gloves, pins, caps and toys and in 1502 were joined by the hatmakers' fraternity. Thereafter there were two types of haberdasher: haberdashers of hats and the original haberdashers of small wares. The Company today is trustee of three main grant-making foundations and four schools foundations. The latter were established by members of the Company in the 16th and 17th centuries that now support eleven schools in both the maintained and independent sectors. The Foundations own the land and buildings of the schools and provide income to them, and the Company provides a number of governors for all the schools. There are about 10,000 pupils in all and nearly 1,400 staff. The Company's other significant activity is charitable grant-making. In a typical year, in addition to supporting education, grants might be given for purposes connected with welfare, Christianity and the Church, health care, the Arts, Sport, as well as for other purposes. The Company is also trustee of almshouses in Newport, Shropshire and is patron of eight Church of England livings.

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The Hackney Carriage Drivers' Company

The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers, the driving force serving London twenty-four hours a day, is made up solely from men and women of the Licensed Taxi Trade. The Company's Charity trust administers benevolence to any deserving members and their immediate family. The Company also runs the Children's Magical Taxi Tour which aims to give terminally ill children a respite from their gruelling regime of treatment, taking them on a magical three-day trip to Disneyland Paris. The Company's Educational Programme is the Guide Course, which teaches taxi drivers the historical knowledge of London and the surrounding areas, and is credited by the City University. The London Licensed Taxi driver's knowledge is renowned as the best in the world.

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The Tax Advisers' Company

Founded as a Guild in 1995 by some leading members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers became the 107th livery company of the City of London in 2005, and was granted a Royal Charter in 2009. Its members are all current or former tax practitioners, including Chartered Tax Advisers, accountants, lawyers and tax officials, and the Company complements the activities of the professional bodies involved in tax. Under its motto Veritas Caritas Comitas (Truth Charity Fellowship) the Company's primary aims are: to enhance the standing of the profession of tax adviser in the City of London; to support the Lord Mayor and the City of London Corporation; to support and fund charitable and benevolent causes; and to promote fellowship among tax advisers. The Company plays a full role in the City and is a member of the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies. Before each of the Lord Mayor's overseas visits, the Company provides a tax briefing to assist discussions with overseas business people, officials and Government ministers. Through the Tax Advisers' Charitable Trust (TACT), the Company supports TaxAid and TaxHelp for Older People, two charities which provide help with tax problems to people who cannot afford a tax adviser. TACT also donates to a number of charitable causes within the City and in the less well-off adjoining areas. The Company administers the Tax Advisers' Benevolent Fund. The Company organizes a full programme of formal dinners and lunches, as well as a variety of informal social activities.

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The Company of Public Relations Practitioners

The Company of Public Relations Practitioners' association with the Priory Church began in 2001.  As one of the first City of London Guilds to be created in the 21st century, and now a Livery Company in its own right, the Company aims to strike a balance between old and new, promoting modern best practice in public relations while upholding the unique spirit and values that have sustained the Livery over the centuries.  Its Freemen, who are senior members of the PR community, are committed to supporting the education and training of PR practitioners and to building charitable funds through which the profession can give back to the communities it serves.

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