Gallery: Damien Hirst – Exquisite Pain

Exquisite Pain 2 – Damien Hirst Exquisite Pain 1 – Damien Hirst Thanks to the very considerable generosity of Damien Hirst, one of the most outstanding artists of our time, his statue of St Bartholomew, known by the title Exquisite Pain is back in the church and will be with us for the next few years.

The first visit by one of these remarkable works saw it located at the end of the south aisle where the Sacrament Chapel is now situated. This time, the statue is in the South Transept at the foot of the steps up to the South Doors. The statue is unmissable in any case, but is doubly arresting now, because in this manifestation, it has been fully gilded . It grabs your attention even in dim light, and when the sun hits it, the effect is literally dazzling.

It is a very exciting and accomplished work. We are immensely fortunate to be able to exhibit it in the Priory Church. Our great gratitude goes to the artist and to his very supportive team.

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Exquisite Pain – Damien Hirst Exquisite Pain – Damien Hirst
Exquisite Pain – Damien Hirst
Exquisite Pain – Damien Hirst

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