Joining the Electoral Roll

Membership of the Priory Church is based on the Electoral Roll, and gives you, among other things, the right to take part in electing the PCC and Churchwardens. If you are over 16, baptised, resident in the parish or habitually worshipping here, you will qualify to be entered onto the Roll. Please contact the Parish Office for an enrolment form, or you can download one here and send it to the Parish Office or hand it in at church. More information is available by clicking this link

Our Charities

• The Parochial Church Council of Great St Bartholomew (Registered Charity No. 1163024) is run by the elected PCC (Parochial Church Council) & church officers and exists to promote the whole work of the church.

• The St Bartholomew the Great Heritage Trust (Registered Charity No. 283623) is run by a board of Trustees independent of the PCC. It exists to maintain, preserve and improve the fabric, ornaments, furniture and monuments of the church. It is not itself a religious charity.

PCC & Election Dates in 2018
Sun 29th Apr After Mass: Annual Parochial Church Meeting (in the Lady Chapel)

Election to the PCC

There are two ways to be elected to the PCC: either directly, or as one of the parish's representatives on the deanery synod. Deanery synod representatives are ex officio members of the PCC as well. Please note, if you are elected to the deanery synod, you should be willing to attend its meetings as well as those of the PCC, and to report back to the PCC on what happens at those meetings.

Both PCC members and deanery synod representatives are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. If you are considering standing for election, you should meet the following requirements:
Have been on the Electoral Roll for at least 6 months
Be over 16 years of age
Should have been confirmed and received communion at least three times in the previous year.

If you meet the above criteria, nominations forms for both the PCC and the Deanery Synod can be obtained from either one of the sidesmen on duty or can be downloaded here:

  • Click here to download a nomination form for a PCC member
  • Click here to download a nomination form for a member of Deanery Synod

  • The PCC and its Committees – 2017/2018

    Ex officio
    Fr Marcus Walker (The Rector)
    Karen Falkner (PCC Secretary & Children's Champion) Deanery Synod (until 2020)
    Ann Jones Deanery Synod (until 2020)
    Sarah Kelsey* (Treasurer) Deanery Synod (until 2020)
    Roy Sully* Deanery Synod (until 2020)
    Nicholas Riddle* Churchwarden (re-elected 8th April 2018 for a year)
    Zoë McMillan* Churchwarden (re-elected 8th April 2018 for a year)

    Elected Members

    Date of retirement/re-election
    Tracey Braddick (co-opted) 2018
    Christin Cockerton*
    Ruth Gibbs (Church Safeguarding Officer) 2019
    Michael Jones (DBS Checker) 2018
    Ian Kelly
    Christian Moon (Electoral Roll Officer) 2018
    Jane Morgan 2019
    Lilian Reid* (Lay Chair) 2020
    Nigel Reid (Fire, Health & Safety Officer) 2019
    Marc Sidwell 2018
    Paul Simmons 2020
    Graham Wallace 2020

    * = Members of the Standing Committee

    Committees of the PCC
    The Rector is an ex officio member of all PCC committees, but not a member of the Employment Panel

    Finance Committee
    Michael Jones
    Nicholas Riddle
    Roy Sully
    Graham Wallace
    Sarah Kelsey – The Treasurer (ex officio & Chair)

    Great Project Committee
    Sarah Kelsey
    Zoë McMillan (Chair)
    Christian Moon
    Nicholas Riddle (Music & Events Committee representative)
    Graham Wallace (Finance Committee representative)

    St Bartholomew the Less Committee
    Karen Falkner
    Ian Kelly
    Sarah Kelsey
    Paul Simmons
    Fr Gerry Moate – The Hospitaller (ex officio – Chair)

    Music & Events Committee
    Tracey Braddick
    Christin Cockerton (Chair)
    Karen Falkner
    Ruth Gibbs
    Jane Morgan
    Nicholas Riddle (Finance Committee representative)

    Employment Panel
    Ruth Gibbs
    Ann Jones
    Zoë McMillan (Chair)
    Christian Moon
    Lilian Reid
    Marc Sidwell

    Mission Action Plan 2016–2021

    Click here to see the PCC's Mission Action Plan 2016–2021 v.1