Volunteer Work - Stewards

There are many opportunities to volunteer in the Parish of Great St Bartholomew. One of these is being a Church Steward who assists the vergers and door-keepers with the meeting and greeting of visitors. If you are interested in spending a couple of hours a week as a Church Steward, please complete the Steward Agreement Form here and send it to the Parish Office. Alternatively you can call the Parish Office for more information.

Role Description

A Church Steward will work alongside the vergers by helping to greet people, welcome them, make them feel very welcome, and answer questions about the building, its fabric and ornaments.

We will provide training to all Stewards and will do our best to prepare them for the kind of questions they might have to answer and the variety of people they will be dealing with. We will help Stewards to feel confident talking about the church and its history. Most important however is a warm smile and a friendly greeting.

We hope that each Steward will be able to indicate how much time and which hours they are available to enable us to run an efficient rota. The hours available will be Monday to Friday 10.00 - 4.00 Saturday 10.30 – 3.00 and Sunday 12.00 – 3.00 which will be divided into two or three hour long shifts.

If you are interested in becoming a Steward at St Bartholomew the Great then please complete the Steward Agreement Form, which you can download by clicking here, indicating the hours which you would like to cover. Please include your address and telephone number. Alternatively please telephone the Parish Office for more information.


St Bartholomew the Great reimburses volunteers for reasonable travel expenses and overheads if the claim is accompanied by receipts.
The tabernacle on the High Altar.

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