For more than 800 years, this parish has been a site of Christian worship, community and service, blessed with magnificent architecture. Today, all the work of our two splendid churches continues to be sustained, as is traditional, by the stewardship of our congregations.

All Christians are called to stewardship. As stewards, we celebrate and give thanks for the joy and inspiration we find through our local church. As stewards, we give what we can, in time and money. It is about our responsibility not to the church but as the church.

The parish of Great Saint Bartholomew receives no money from the state or the Church of England. We are lucky enough to receive some unpredictable income from film companies and tourism, but it is not enough to cover our outgoings.

2017 is a year of renewal for our parish. To prepare for a new Rector, we celebrated stewardship over the four Sundays to Pentecost. On 4 June, we renewed our pledges as a parish.

Each Sunday we are gave thanks for a different aspect of the parish that we value: our magnificent buildings; our service to others; our living tradition of worship; and our community.

After each of the four Sundays, we posted here the texts of the addresses, so that those who could not be at the services would be able to catch up with what was said. Here they are:

Sunday 4 (of 4) – 4th June 2017 – Theme: Community
Address by PCC Member and former Churchwarden, Ian Kelly
Address by Fr Peter Delaney
Address by PCC Member, Karen Falkner

Sunday 3 (of 4) – 28th May 2017 – Theme: Worship
Address by Director of Music, Rupert Gough
Address by Fr Jeremy Davies
Address by PCC Member, Ruth Gibbs
Address by Fr Peter Delaney

Sunday 2 (of 4) – 21st May 2017 – Theme: Service
Address by Weekend Verger Richard McCauley
Address by Fr Bill Wilson
Address by PCC Member Tracey Braddick
Address by Fr Jeremy Davies

Sunday 1 (of 4) – 14th May 2017 – Theme: Buildings
Address by Churchwarden Zoë McMillan
Address by Fr Peter Delaney

You can download the Stewardship Pledge Sheet by clicking here, fill it in, and send it by email to: or by post to the Parish Office, or hand it in to a sidesman in church.