Choral Vacancies at Great St Bartholomew

Vacancies for Regular Soprano and Alto

St Bartholomew the Great, London invites applications for the positions of regular soprano and regular Alto in the professional choir of 8 singers. Exceptional sight-reading skills essential, plus an understanding of interpreting plainchant from the Graduale Romanum, and sympathy for Anglo-Catholic liturgy. Regular Sunday services are 11am Eucharist and 6.30pm Evensong. Generally rehearsals begin 1 hour before the service. Normal Sunday services are currently paid at 57 per service, and specials and midweek extra services pay up to 100. During the Autumn, there are many midweek livery services, and during December, carol services almost every day.

The arrangement between church and regular singer is not subject to written contract. All services are offered first of all to our regular eight singers. Deputies are arranged by a paid fixer. There is currently no minimum obligation of commitment but regular singers will be asked to relinquish their position if their absence becomes prolonged or too frequent.

Repertoire is broad, with rarely any repetitions during a calendar year. Music is often sung with one voice-per-part. It is rare that there is Sunday during the year without choir. During July, services are reduced to quartet, and in August, a quartet for Evensong, and Cantor alone for mass (which attracts a higher fee).

Anybody interested should send a CV to

Provisional audition dates: Friday 7th July and Sunday 9th July